The Relay Autobooker and Autorefresher by Cardamon for the Amazon Relay load board has new feature.

Often you want to get loads with a higher payout than Amazon Relay is offering now. With Amazon Relay Autobooker Cardamon you don’t need to refresh manually The Loads Board. The Cardamon Auto booker helps you track the increase in payout for a load in the list. It stops when only loads with increased payouts are found.

❗ NEW in version 3.12:  Added the “Stop on the Payout change” mode.

The Relay Auto Booker has a waiting mode for a set amount increase in payouts.



 When the Payout increases, the Booker stops and marks the Loads with the increased payout and displays the amount of the difference. The load with increased payout is highlighted in blue.


Please, visit the Amazon Relay Autobooker Cardamon page